Discover the step-by-step secrets communication masters use to easily and simply create effective rewarding word at a time.

Sabatoging words to eliminate from your vocabulary TODAY:

  • not
  • should
  • fail
  • hard
  • just
  • unable
  • only
  • want
  • need


After listening and noticing sabotaging words breaking rapport with not only other people but within their own minds, John Meluso began to catalog and test what words subtly broke rapport and which words built raport. Finding that great communicators rarely used any of these commonly used words, John began to realize a set of Rewarding Words, impeccable vocabulary that contributes to success. Not only can Rewarding Words be used in business and personal communications, but these Rewarding Words are ideal for our subconscious minds in affirming thoughts.

An example of sabatoging words is the use of negatives. "I will not be a failure," does not communicate success. It communicates failure!


For example, do not think of an elephant. You did!!! Typically, the mind first thinks of an elephant, crosses it out and then thinks of another animal. That is three actions by the mind.


The Divine Secret teaches how one affirming action with rewarding words is more powerful than three actions with sabatoging words.


"I am succeeding with my every thought," is a verbal affirming statement that guarantees success.


Do you feel the difference?

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